Ana Roca (Master in Global Business Law ‘14): “In this profession, as in life, success is measured in terms of dedication to others”

December 22, 2021 9:26 am

Ana Roca is a legal advisor at the Osborne Group, where she seeks to reinforce good corporate governance practices in the company’s management bodies. She is also a volunteer at Capicúa, a solidarity initiative that seeks to help children and families in Madrid’s Cañada Real escape from social exclusion.

To excel is to serve

– You are currently working as a legal advisor at the Osborne Group. What are your responsibilities?
Specifically, I work in the General Secretariat and Corporate Governance at the Osborne Group, where I seek to reinforce good corporate governance practices in the company’s management bodies, risk management, regulatory compliance and management of the Osborne Foundation. In this position, I strive to enhance the sustainable and responsible management of the Osborne Group.

– In light of your experience, how do you think the legal sector is changing as a result of the pandemic and digital transformation?
Although the pandemic has been and continues to be a horror and a disaster in economic and health terms, I think it has brought about a few good things, such as the acceleration of digital transformation, and with it the search for efficiencies and a better work-life balance, which is so difficult for us here in Spain.

– What qualities does a person need in order to do this job nowadays?
I believe that there are two fundamental qualities that every lawyer must have: the ability to work and study, which never ends – you constantly have to update your knowledge – and empathy and the ability to listen to others, to clients, to colleagues, etc. To excel is to serve. In this profession, as in life, success is measured in terms of dedication to others.

– How would you like to evolve as a professional?
By growing in the area of corporate governance, specifically with regard to sustainability issues. I consider this to be an increasingly important field in the business world, and one that has a great impact on society.

Towards a fairer society

– You have had various experiences as a volunteer at different organisations. Together with some friends, you lead an association where you direct social projects and various types of volunteer work in Madrid. What can you tell us about the Capicúa project?
The Capicúa project is a wonderful solidarity initiative that aims to help children and families in the Cañada Real area of Madrid to escape from the social exclusion and poverty that characterise their lives. On Saturdays and Sundays, a group of our volunteers organises school support, literacy activities and recreation with children in that area. We have a shipping container that has been transformed into a school. We also do lots of outdoor activities.

– How does volunteering enrich your personal and professional life?
For me, ever since I was a little girl, volunteering has always been essential – something I combine with the other aspects of my life. It helps me realise how lucky I am, become a better person, put my problems in perspective and “give back” to others. Even though you may not realise it, volunteering is just around the corner from your home.

– As a socially committed alumna, what do you think of Esade Alumni Social and the community’s commitment to having a positive impact on society?
I think Esade Alumni Social does an incredible job of getting all alumni and companies involved in building a fairer society and a more sustainable world. This is something that is increasingly necessary nowadays.
I really appreciate the number of courses, seminars and reports offered and shared by Esade Alumni. They provide an advance look at what is to come in our society.

– You have a Master in Global Business Law from Esade. What did this experience mean to you?
I loved the Master in Global Business Law at Esade Madrid because of the excellent faculty, who taught in English and Spanish and treated us not so much as university students but as potential professionals; because of the classrooms and facilities, which were always well-equipped; and because of my fantastic classmates, whom I remember very fondly.