Cellnex Foundation Aims to Close Digital, Social and Geographical Gaps Through Connectivity

October 13, 2021 4:42 pm

This summer, Cellnex Telecom created the Cellnex Foundation, which is dedicated to closing digital, social and geographical gaps through projects aimed at improving access to connectivity.

The Cellnex Foundation embodies the firm will of Europe’s leading wireless telecommunications infrastructure operator to go one step further in helping to create a better-connected, socially inclusive environment through a comprehensive initiative that complements the company’s environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy. The Foundation’s main areas of activity will involve bringing people at risk of exclusion closer to technology by promoting effective connectivity, fostering better connections in places with unique heritage or historical relevance, and promoting positive solutions for the environment.
In addition to activities targeting people and places, the Foundation also envisages the promotion of innovative social-impact projects selected via special calls for proposals. Specifically, the Foundation has just launched one of its first initiatives: an acceleration programme for startups called Cellnex Bridge, which aims to promote innovative projects that seek to close digital, social and geographical gaps through the use of technology and connectivity. This programme was developed in collaboration with the social innovation consultancy Innuba and the startup accelerator AticcoLab.

The Foundation will select up to three projects to take part in its 12-week acceleration programme, during which participants will receive mentoring to develop proofs of concept, business and social-impact support, and financial support of up to €15,000 to develop the project.

Resources to support success stories

Each selected startup will be guided by a group of mentors from AticcoLab – experts in the world of entrepreneurship and open innovation – and by Cellnex experts selected on a case-by-case basis according to their suitability to mentor each project.
Mentoring sessions will be accompanied by theoretical and practical workshops, round tables and other group training exercises on business, impact, soft-skills development, and personal and group development. Cellnex will also provide the technology, knowledge and resources necessary for the projects to become success stories.