Esade Alumni Expands Best Thesis Awards in Recognition of Student Talent

March 4, 2021 9:32 am

Following a successful first edition of the Bachelor of Business Administration Best Thesis Award in 2019, the competition has been expanded to include the Master in Legal Practice and Master of Science programmes. The awards will be granted by the Esade Alumni Interclub Council to recognise the talent and hard work of Esade students.

This year’s expanded edition of the Best Thesis Awards comes on the heels of a successful first edition, which recognised Eulàlia Casas (BBA ‘19) for her thesis Agile Methodology: How to Drive Change and Pursue an Organisation’s Purpose; David Constans (BBA ‘19) for his thesis Cómo las marcas pueden conectar con los millennials en España (“How brands can connect with millennials in Spain”); Borja Raventós (BBA-GED ‘19) for his thesis Desigualdad y pobreza, ¿una amenaza para el futuro? (“Inequality and poverty: a threat for the future?”), Xavier Vicente (BBA ‘19) for his thesis Es el fin de la TV lineal. Análisis y propuesta estratégica de la industria televisiva (“The end of linear TV: analysis and strategic proposal for the television industry”); and Alhasan Alkaff (BBA ‘19), President of the Esade Alumni Singapore Chapter, for his thesis Defining the Role of the Private Sector in Yemen’s Future Healthcare System as a Conflict-Affected Country.

This year’s Bachelor of Business Administration award ceremony will be held on 11th March. The dates of the Master in Legal Practice and Master of Science award ceremonies will be announced shortly. The theses will be shortlisted on the basis of relevance to the professional world and degree of innovation. The final selection will be made by the boards of Esade Alumni’s sector-specific clubs.

Young people: a priority for the association

Responding to the needs and concerns of young Esade graduates and encouraging them to participate in the alumni network is a key objective of Esade Alumni, which relies on young talent for all of its future projects. One way of putting young talent in contact with the boards of Esade Alumni’s sector-specific clubs is through the Young Commission. The Best Thesis Awards add to this inclusive and collaborative philosophy by recognising students’ work, rewarding them financially and putting them in contact with the wider alumni network.
The Best Thesis Awards are supervised by the academic directors of the Bachelor of Business Administration, Master in Legal Practice and Master of Science programmes, with the participation of Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, which selects the best thesis with a social impact, a fundamental value of Esade Alumni.

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