Esade Alumni Presents the Inner Life & Leadership Club

February 7, 2022 2:01 pm

Sponsored by Anticipa, the new Inner Life and Leadership Club is dedicated to connecting self-knowledge and awareness of one’s own abilities, values and judgement capacity with the sort of decision-making that characterises authentic and responsible leadership. The club’s presentation event, held at Esade Forum on 1st February, offered testimonials regarding this connection.

Esteban Mogas (Lic&MBA’88), President of the Esade Alumni Inner Life and Leadership Club , presented the new club as a venue for sharing experiences of inner growth and responsible decision-making and encouraged the alumni community to join the club and participate in its activities.

The two guest speakers were aligned with the club’s priority of exploring the concept of inner life. Chris Lowney, Vice Chairman of the Board at CommonSpirit Health and renowned international speaker on leadership, business ethics and decision making, and Laura Sala (Lic&MBA ‘06), Human Resources Director and Talent Development Leader for Europe at Procter & Gamble, shared habits and routines that allow them to stay focused and calm, discussed the importance of mentoring for personal development, and described what leaders should be like.

The event was also attended by Jaume Guardiola (Lic&MBA ‘79), President of the Esade Foundation Board of Trustees, who praised the initiative and noted that the wider world is starting to shift towards Esade’s long-standing focus: creating economic and social value to address global challenges. “Esade is ready to train the leaders of the future,” he declared. “It is a part of our mission, which is why I am so pleased about this initiative.”

Authentic and responsible leadership

Chris Lowney, for his part, shared the routines that enable him to stay focused on his values as a leader. “Establish deep communication on a daily basis and set aside time for yourself to be grateful, to broaden your horizons, to remember your intentions, to draw lessons from each day and to connect with your feelings,” he said. “Although it may be difficult, do not get carried away by the dizzying pace of tasks and distractions in today’s world. The key is to keep trying every day.”

According to Laura Sala, leadership is implicit in how we relate to others: “Everyone has good ideas. We can all be mentors to other people. That’s why having a community where you can share values, doubts and ideas is so important. It allows you to discover what moves you, what matters to you. As a result, your decisions emerge more clearly.”

Belén Moreu (MBA ‘99), President of Esade Alumni, also shared a few words on her own experience with leadership and inner life: “I love my job because I want to help people be happier in their daily lives. That is my primary motivation. And that’s what this club is about: connecting with your values.”

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