Naturgy reaffirms its commitment to society with The Community, a new campaign featuring differentiated products for each type of customer

June 3, 2021 4:37 pm

As a sign of its commitment to society, Naturgy has launched a new campaign titled The Community, in which it anticipates consumers’ needs during today’s difficult economic situation, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, by presenting competitive new products and services. With an environmental and digital focus, Naturgy offers cutting-edge solutions tailored to each type of customer.

Conceptually, the campaign revolves around a homeowners’ association in a block of flats. In the spot, Naturgy demonstrates its two-pronged approach to the new challenges of the energy sector: leading a sustainable commitment without losing sight of its customers’ needs.

Naturgy is focused on meeting the new needs of today’s more informed and environmentally aware consumers, who demand a more active role in their energy consumption, even going so far as becoming “prosumers”: producing and consuming their own energy, while also selling their surplus to the network in exchange for compensation.

Products such as the Zen flat-rate plan, renewable and solar energy products, payment facilities, electric charging stations, maintenance service, emergency service, and social initiatives to help thousands of vulnerable families and advise them on energy efficiency are just a few of the differential elements that have allowed Naturgy to evolve and reinvent itself in recent years.

With this new spot, Naturgy offers its customers – and potential customers – the chance to have a key role in this evolution, to help change the environment and to play their part in the energy transition, with the aim of moving towards decarbonisation and protecting the planet.

The spot will appear on various media and channels to promote this new initiative. Naturgy has once again opted to create an animated world, with the assistance of the creative agency Contrapunto BBDO and the media agency Arena Media. Bungalow was responsible for the animation, with Ignasi Font as illustrator.

In recent years, Naturgy has played an active role in developing a more sustainable energy mix, with the growth of renewable energy sources and a commitment to new energy vectors such as renewable gas, storage and distributed generation. The company has also spearheaded measures to support society in these difficult times to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on customers, employees and society in general.

Naturgy has also identified investment opportunities worth nearly €14 billion in around a hundred company-owned projects, which will be developed for economic recovery in the coming years, within the framework of the Next Generation programme.