Our Farewell to Manu Carricano, Professor of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Science

March 8, 2021 10:05 am

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Manu Carricano, Lecturer in the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences at Esade, who passed away on 3rd March in Barcelona. Manu had participated in various Esade Alumni training activities and was deeply committed to the community.

Over the past few years, Manu Carricano collaborated on many initiatives at Esade, particularly those spearheaded by our Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences. In the wake of his sudden passing, we are all thinking about the moments we shared with Manu in our day-to-day work: organising programmes, developing new subjects for various courses, working on research and transfer projects for the Institute, and holding work sessions to discuss new challenges facing the school. He will be sorely missed. In the coming months, it will be difficult for us to carry on and face our activities without him.
We are heartened to see the extent to which Manu had an impact on our students. That is why, as a tribute to Manu, we want to share the voices of participants in some of the programmes that our department is most deeply involved with.

Núria Agell, Director of the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

David Gutierrez Lopez (Executive Master in Business Analytics 18)

“Manu’s passing has been a huge blow to the students from the first edition of the Executive Master in Business Analytics (2018). From the very first day of class, Manu managed to convey to us the challenges we would face and the methodology we would need to use in order to succeed in our data analytics projects.

We all remember with great affection the support, encouragement and assistance he provided to ensure that our final projects would meet, most importantly, our own expectations. We will forever remember our trip to New York, where we had the great opportunity to share many academic and personal experiences with him. The personal experiences are the ones that left the biggest impression and, when we look back, they are the first ones that spring to mind.

Manu always talked about ‘bricks’, in reference to the various phases that make up a data project. We will follow his example and keep laying those bricks with the same energy and passion with which he taught us.

Que la terre de nos ancêtres te soit douce et légère.”

Inge Zhou, Xi Mo and Brunno Gorgulho (MSc in Business Analytics, 2019)

Inge Zhou – MiBA 2019
“Manu was a great teacher to all of us since the very beginning. ‘Why don’t you have a try? It will be fun.’ I can still remember the words that convinced us to embark on our amazing adventure to Málaga, where a group of Esade students participated in an international hackathon. Without those words, his always-smiling eyes and his encouraging look, we would have missed the flowers that bloomed so fully and vividly in the warm wind, which carried the scent of the bluest sea I have ever seen. Without his support throughout the journey, we would have missed the sleepless nights and the loveliest morning sun, which witnessed the celebration of friendship, intellectual companionship and youth. He is a part of our memories, not just of Málaga, but of all the other amazing things he brought to us that ripple through our lives. He is living with us now. As we take this journey with us into our lives, we will take Manu with us. He was, and still is, full of life.”

Xi Mo (MiBA 19)
“Manu was one of the best professors while I was in Esade. I still remember the first day we met when he entered our classroom with decent cloth and warm smile. He taught us Artificial Intelligence with a beautiful French accent. He was so patient when students asked him questions. I’m not an outgoing person, but I felt comfortable when I talked to him. He is not only a great professor but also a good friend. He provided me with the chance to take part in the ICOM Hackathon competition, which is an unforgettable experience for all my life. I still remember the days when we stayed in Malaga fighting for the Hackathon competition. He helped us, took care of us and we learnt a lot from him as well. I still can’t believe that he has left us, maybe it is better to told myself that he is still there so as to ease my sadness.”

Brunno Gorgulho (MiBA 19)
“Manu is an inspiration to me. In the classroom, his energy and innovative thinking rubbed off on people. I couldn’t have imagined a better thesis supervisor than him, for his encouragement and constructive criticism. He was devoted to creating opportunities to learn also outside the classroom, like the incredible ICOM Hackathon. At every step, we knew that he cared for us. We were lucky to have him as a teacher, a mentor and a friend”

Carlos Carrasco, PhD student in Management Sciences

“Manu was always a gentleman, not just because of his elegant fashion sense – something those of us with less savoir faire always envy – but also because of his personality. Whenever you walked into his office – where the door was always open – he would greet you with a contagious smile. He was always willing to listen to any crazy idea that popped into my head, from research projects to ways to improve classes or proposals to increase student satisfaction. Manu was always up for anything, always ready to innovate and explore new paths. Our years with him were unforgettable: hard work, but also great fun.

Manu not only had savoir faire; over the years, as we developed a friendship beyond our professional lives, I also discovered that he was a true bon vivant. We would often raise a glass to the latest crazy idea that had occurred to us – and to the good food we were about to enjoy. I always looked forward to our next meeting so that we could share our stories and our complaints over a good txuletón or a roast suckling lamb, a good wine and an after-dinner conversation that would go on for hours. Those were the days, my friend, that we thought would never end.

If life were a play, now that your curtain has fallen sooner than we would have liked, we have no choice but to give you a standing ovation. A final round of thunderous applause for your help and advice as a mentor, to which you would surely respond with your eternal smile. Rest assured, a part of you will always remain with us – your colleagues, your friends and your students.

But since dawn always follows the darkness, let me share, with a certain twinkle in my eye, a few final lines that may bring some comfort to those of us who are missing you:

I així pren tot el fruit que et pugui donar
El camí que, a poc a poc, escrius per a demà.
Què demà mancarà el fruit de cada pas;
Per això, malgrat la boira, cal caminar.

Au revoir, mon ami, I raise my glass to you!”