Pro Bono Consultants: 15 Years Helping Third-Sector Entities

October 8, 2020 2:46 pm

Get involved now, when they need it most

Online closing session of the 14th edition of Pro Bono Consultants, which featured the participation of 100 Esade alumni volunteers

The contribution of the Esade Alumni community is more necessary than ever

Would you like to help create a fairer society and a more sustainable world? Esade Alumni Social’s Pro Bono Consultants is a project that aims to raise awareness among alumni and the wider Esade community about various social problems in today’s world.

An experience worth sharing

Pere Carbó (DAF 88) has been a Pro Bono Consultant for the past four years. In addition to this volunteer work, he collaborates with two third-sector organisations.
Participating in Esade Alumni Social has been enriching for Pere, both as a person and as a professional: “This experience has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the undesirable social realities that exist not only in distant countries, but also closer to home. It has also allowed me to get to know extraordinary entities and people who, with very few resources but driven by their conviction, commitment and strength, work day in and day out to overcome these situations and improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people. I admire all of them greatly – they are anonymous heroes and heroines. I have also had the chance to meet colleagues from other graduating classes at Esade and enjoy many hours of teamwork, which has taught me valuable lessons.”
Pere believes that much work remains to be done. Beyond the availability of resources, he believes that countries must make a commitment and show the political will to address the current situation. “There are many entities and people that are deeply committed to this harsh reality and are doing an extraordinary job,” he said. In Pere’s view, a few small actions can change the lives of many people. “We can all give something back: by working, volunteering or sharing. Everything we contribute will make other people’s lives better – and that is very gratifying.”

We all have something to contribute

For Anna Pellicer (BBA 19), serving as a Pro Bono Consultant has been a valuable experience: “It has been a full-blown masterclass. But even more than that, my colleagues have shown me what it means to be a leader who is committed to the wider community. The people I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with during this edition of the programme – both alumni and the people from L’Esquitx – have made me feel very lucky. My team was very cohesive, especially during the strange months of lockdown. I think it was also important for the organisations to feel that someone was on their side,” she explained.
The experience allowed her to get to know another side of Barcelona – a network of organisations that are often hidden behind the frenetic pace of everyday life but are nonetheless essential to the city. “What impressed me the most is the organisations’ commitment to their purpose, regardless of the obstacles. The third sector knows how to work in complex settings. They are resilient and have the tools to reinvent themselves,” she added.
Anna has continued to collaborate with the third sector both as part of her job and as a member of Global Shapers, an international network of young people that aims to promote high-impact projects related to the agenda of the World Economic Forum. “I think it’s important not to distance yourself from the social reality and to find a natural way to contribute however you can. It is worthwhile to encourage greater contact with university student associations and clubs. There are many students with a deep-seated desire to work on social issues and set up projects of this sort. I just hope we don’t lose it after we graduate!

Can we count on you?

The programme is split into groups of alumni who provide their experience and knowledge to a third-sector organisation that needs this external professional support in various areas of management, including strategy, communication and human resources. Due to the present circumstances, we have added new categories of consulting services aimed at addressing the current reality: team reassessments, internal reorganisations to maximise the efficiency of social services, and financing mix optimisation to ensure the sustainability of these valuable entities.

More than 2,000 alumni have been a part of Pro Bono Consultants. Learn more about their experience!