Startups with Social Impact

January 28, 2021 4:14 pm

In today’s business environment, responsibility towards society and the planet is a growing priority. Responsible leaders have placed concerns about climate change, diversity and business ethics squarely on the agenda.

Against this backdrop, many startups have embraced social entrepreneurship as a means of developing solutions for today’s social, cultural and environmental problems, putting people and the planet at the heart of their projects. These companies are committed to sustainable progress.
True to our commitment to initiatives that have a positive impact on society, we at Esade Alumni would like to highlight the work of five alumni-founded startups that are driving change with their ideas.


Tromber was created to offer a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for personal mobility. As the company’s founder, Lorenzo Cavaller , explains, Tromber develops personal mobility vehicles for professional and industrial environments. Cavaller’s team has created a 100% electric multifunctional vehicle based on a fully flexible modular assembly system. The Tromber 37 model can be adapted for different uses and sectors, including cleaning, control, security, delivery and logistics, offering a safe, sustainable, ergonomic and environmentally friendly transport alternative that is good for both people and the environment. With BoxLane, its sustainable last-mile delivery vehicle, Tromber hopes to play a special role in reducing carbon emissions and pollution at a time when online commerce is booming.



Canussa is a sustainable accessory brand with a purpose: to create long-lasting, environmentally friendly fashion with a social impact. “In Spain, we have great artisans capable of creating high-quality accessories,” explains Canussa founder María Cano. “In recent years, however, accessory manufacturing has moved from Spain to Asia, where production costs are much lower, working conditions are precarious, quality is very low and enormous environmental damage is caused. At Canussa, we want to go back to local, handcrafted accessories by innovating with sustainable vegan materials.” Canussa’s products are made in Spain using locally sourced materials. Besides reducing carbon emissions, the company strives to create quality local employment while recovering a centuries-old tradition. The team believes strongly in the circular economy and is working to develop 100% circular accessories.


Robingood is a food brand that generates employment opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion. The company’s mission is to promote responsible consumption through a value chain that simultaneously creates jobs for vulnerable groups. Thanks to its sustainable and environmentally responsible business model, the company forges alliances that strengthen and empower local suppliers, enabling them to employ more people at risk of social exclusion. The brand has had a positive impact on more than 1,200 families, created jobs for more than 600 workers at risk of exclusion and, in just over a year, saved the planet more than 750 kg of CO2and more than 30,000 single-use plastic containers. At present, 21% of Spain’s population are people at risk of social exclusion. Therefore, as Robingood founder Luis Font notes, the more social-impact products we consume, the more job opportunities we will create and the more we will help to improve the world through our daily actions.


Newus Atelier is an e-boutique for brands with a sustainable soul and a resource hub for brands that want to democratise sustainability and create trends for a better world. After gaining experience with and various entrepreneurial projects, the team combined these two criteria to launch a project that aims to be sustainable over time. Newus is a space oriented towards the development of brands and independent professionals that are committed to the principles of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. Its solutions reinforce the entire value chain in e-commerce, content search and management support. As founder Salva Cayuela (PMM ‘11) explains, the Newus team wants to talk about trends, initiatives, brands and projects that are committed to building a better environment. Their desire is to support this universe and help it grow stronger. “Sustainability is an element we keep in mind, both in what we do and in what we encourage brands to do. We have also worked with social impact organisations,” he explains.