5 Tips with Josep Solans (CCC ‘09, Pensando el Liderazgo ‘99)

January 28, 2021 3:39 pm

Mentoring is a growth process that helps people develop their potential. While mentors serve to inspire and encourage their mentees throughout the process, the mentees are responsible for their own personal and professional development.

Josep Solans has extensive experience in mentoring processes. He is currently a founding partner at Mentoring de Carrera Profesional, where he guides organisations in the creation and development of good governance processes. Integrating people so that their profiles are fully aligned with those of the position they occupy is an essential component of this guidance. Josep also provides individual guidance to professionals seeking to develop their careers, focusing in particular on updating profiles, professional reorientation and career coaching. He also acts as a mentor through Esade Alumni. In this interview, he discusses mentoring processes, the keys to success and how initiating a process of this sort can lead to a comprehensive reorientation of a person’s life.

For Josep Solans, it is essential to empower mentees throughout the process

Who can be a mentor?
Esade Alumni members with experience and knowledge in a specific area who want to share information and contribute to the professional growth of other members of the Esade Alumni community.

The second call for applications for the Esade Alumni Careers Mentoring Programme is now open. For more information or to join the programme, click here.