Naturgy Activates Comprehensive Plan to Reduce the Impact of Electricity Price Increases on Consumers

November 10, 2021 3:14 pm

Naturgy has taken a decisive step in the service of society: a comprehensive plan to mitigate the effects of the current electricity price crisis on consumers and the real economy. The company’s new Compromiso initiative provides a new solution at prices comparable to those from before the recent price increases on the wholesale market.

Under the slogan “Forget the Pool”, Naturgy aims to prevent the increase in wholesale (pool) electricity prices from being transferred to domestic consumers. The company has offered to guarantee the fixed cost of energy at a price well below the current price for the next 24 months, with no additional conditions and without a fixed-term contract. This initiative is designed for all customers who have an electricity contract with Naturgy as well as customers of other suppliers who want to change their conditions.
The company has taken these steps in response to the exceptional increases seen on the wholesale market in recent weeks, where prices have reached record values of more than €200, in light of the fact that energy accounts for just over 30% of the final amount billed. In a statement, Naturgy added: “There are people at the helm of companies who are developing solutions for our customers. This demonstrates that we are continuing to work in accordance with social responsibility criteria.” In fact, in keeping with its commitment to society and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, Naturgy will absorb the cost of activating this initiative, as it did during the worst moments of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This innovative offer, designed by Naturgy to prevent uncertainty, has been available to domestic customers upon request since 15th September. With this programme, Naturgy is once again putting customers at the centre of its initiatives, as a sign of its commitment and transparency with the current reality.

Responsive to needs of all groups

Naturgy has always been sensitive to the various situations that can compromise its customers’ ability to pay their energy bills. For example, the company helps customers keep the lights on by offering various payment mechanisms, such as splitting debt into several instalments, and by not cutting off the supply during holiday periods.

During the state of emergency, the company intensified this policy and introduced a battery of additional measures aimed at supporting the needs of its customers, including SMEs and the self-employed. These measures include the possibility of deferring payments through personalised instalment plans, with no down payment and no interest.

Naturgy’s policy has always been to protect vulnerable customers. In order to attend to them in a personalised manner, the company maintains close relationships with local social services. It has also strengthened its coordination and communication with local councils and administrations in order to improve the sharing of information and avoid situations in which vulnerable customers are at risk of having their power shut off.